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##-Free For All-## 16s ago
)BmC( War Server [NL] pass0m 54s ago
--=[ BF-1942 ]=-- RtR+SW 36s ago
--=[ aX ]=-- (CD and Origin) 25s ago
--=[ aX ]=-- (NO KEY) 46s ago
--=[ aX ]=-- (v1.6) 46s ago
-=DU=- Gbit Insane Bots! [NZ] 48s ago
-=TL=- War Server [GER] 50s ago
-]~T-m-P~[- No RuleZ-DCF87.118.124.187:145671/52wake2m 53s ago GC 8.1158.69.59.75:145680/64gc mini dant2m 3s ago
2jikai DCHP118.22.186.53:145674/47berlin1m 47s ago
=SUPER= SHAJI SERVER101.200.166.4:145675/64bocage2m 29s ago
=The Apostles of Midway= 11s ago
AEF BF 1942 Server27.50.77.196:145670/64bocage4m 46s ago
ATF's H&D - tunnels4m 18s ago -=[][]=- DcFinaL178.150.170.61:145693/56dc al khafji docks0m 40s ago
BF.MAXNET.UA | Desert Combat79.171.120.137:145670/60dc no fly zone1m 41s ago
BF1918 by |BWT| Badewiese 36s ago
BFO No Mods Coral Sea37.187.19.136:145680/24coral sea4m 59s ago
BiHnet BF1942 - XPack2 objectiv195.222.33.242:145670/64eagles nest3m 41s ago
BiHnet BF1942 - modded maps195.222.33.244:145674/64bocage2m 25s ago
ChicagoGamers DCF73.36.220.94:145670/32stalingrad4m 55s ago
Chicagos-C}{G- Original maps74.91.115.222:145670/32faid pass3m 10s ago
Chips SilentHeroes 52s ago
Colonel Panic206.169.220.218:145670/36Gazala0m 34s ago
DL FH @ UA-Clan.Com69.58.2.251:145671/32wake3m 33s ago
Desert Combat AU - Backtran46.127.77.91:145670/32el alamein1m 8s ago
Die Geisterjaeger No CD Key134.255.218.243:145670/32stalingrad1m 19s ago
EA 117 - DC Fan Favorites8.12.64.130:145670/48dc bridge2m 20s ago
Eckhart battlegroup42 1.784.25.48.206:145670/284212-tigers at tebourba2m 36s ago
FHSW 0.61! FHSW-Europ.ucoz.de5.9.54.21:145670/64kharkov winter-19410m 20s ago # 2s ago
G3TSOME DC104.156.233.22:145670/15aberdeen0m 40s ago
GUN|Arena - Public Server [GER] 18s ago
GUN|Arena - War Server [GER] 25s ago
Garagekeepers BF1942 Server80.218.147.243:145670/32dc desertshield2m 3s ago
GeeZer - Death-Bubble Conquest78.156.122.60:145670/32kharkov0m 57s ago
Ghetto Berlin66.55.154.34:145670/32berlin4m 49s ago
Gutens[Play blue][] alamein1m 56s ago
HELLZHAWTDOGZ CD and Origin68.110.171.172:145670/32el alamein1m 32s ago
HELLZHAWTDOGZ Custom Maps68.110.171.172:145680/32coral sea4m 33s ago
HKHP 24/7 ElAlamein Modded198.27.66.173:145670/32el alamein4m 57s ago
HKHP 24/7 Wake CTF #MODDED# 51s ago
HKHP Everything Server192.95.26.226:145670/30sniper hill0m 52s ago
HOKKAIDOJPN #1 Schindler'sList36.2.153.27:145710/64battleaxe2m 43s ago
Hillbilly's Server66.55.137.66:145670/32berlin4m 23s ago
Hosted by Ignitepros.com71.228.75.114:145670/40kbely airfield3m 59s ago
IMO SABA FHSW0.61222.12.237.73:145670/90the great pursuit7m 28s ago
InVictus| War Server [GER] 47s ago
Jamily Server107.185.32.224:145670/16Aberdeen4m 51s ago
Micro IT62.92.114.141:145670/32omaha beach1m 39s ago
Micro IT Coop62.92.114.141:145680/32omaha beach3m 45s ago
Micro IT DC62.92.114.141:145690/32iwo jima3m 21s ago
MoonGamers 1942 (CD/Origin) garden0m 28s ago
Oz Wake [CD 1.61/Origin 1.612] 8s ago
PLANET FUN 47s ago
PLANET FUN 41s ago
PepperGun DCF! 51s ago
Philofield 1942176.9.79.228:145670/32kursk4m 3s ago FH/RANKED85.214.226.169:145670/128battle of britain4m 5s ago
SiMPLE | BF1942 [FRA] 14s ago
SiMPLE | New Maps [FRA] forager0m 58s ago
SiMPLE | RtR+SW [FRA] nest0m 46s ago
SiMPLE | Tanks a lot! 39s ago
SubMarineSpotted212.227.11.231:145670/64wake3m 8s ago
THE DRUNKEN MUG93.157.1.210:145672/48gc endor0m 10s ago
Tamplier War Server [SE] tank arena2m 35s ago
Tanks'nPlanes Unlimited CO-OP24.80.14.52:145670/32el alamein0m 39s ago
The Great Escape>BF1942 | USA168.235.94.165:145679/42berlin1m 50s ago
TnS War Server [GER] 52s ago
World War188.114.14.103:145670/32El Alamein0m 9s ago
YOU ARE ON NEW MASTER94.23.196.155:1457043/64stalingrad0m 46s ago
[ F.F.A ] 9s ago
[DAT]#01 DAT-airport 1.43113.144.133.103:145670/16dat airport2m 51s ago
[DAT]#02 inusaba 1.90113.144.133.103:145680/32inusaba gazala0m 11s ago
[DAT]#03 InterState1982 1.81113.144.133.103:145690/64countryside1m 20s ago
[MOB] Server BG42 FRC381.169.239.208:145670/48battleaxe0m 35s ago
[OSF] The Ardennes Forest67.249.235.255:145670/48battleaxe2m 21s ago
[] #01113.144.133.103:145700/64omaha beach4m 30s ago Public [GER] tank arena3m 22s ago SoH [GER] 29s ago 49s ago
ha magyar vagy gyere! Beach7m 9s ago
is82.com158.69.59.75:145670/32pipefun4m 54s ago
j2k2 (NZ) 58s ago
lop| War Server [SE] 8s ago
superDC v2. cassino3m 59s ago
{FG} War Server [GER] 48s ago
{SoH} War Server [GER] 54s ago
|BWT| Badewiese 42s ago

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