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*NEW* SiMPLE | BF1942194.88.105.25:1456759/72wake0m 53s ago
*NEW* SiMPLE | New Maps194.88.105.25:145691/24faid pass1m 32s ago
*NEW* SiMPLE | RtR+SW194.88.105.25:1456816/36hellendoorn2m 5s ago
*NEW* SiMPLE | Tanks a lot! 44s ago
--=[ aX ]=-- (CD and Origin) jima2m 55s ago
--=[ aX ]=-- (NO KEY) jima1m 33s ago
--=[ aX ]=-- (v1.6) jima1m 33s ago
-=TL=- War Server [GER] 33s ago
-]~T-m-P~[- InFaNTrY-MaPs87.118.125.187:145671/42dc lostvillage2m 25s ago
-]~T-m-P~[- No RuleZ-DCF87.118.124.187:145671/52kursk1m 51s ago
1942mods.com208.167.233.54:145680/32gc mini hoth2m 3s ago
6733 Flyboys Server II114.32.226.25:145670/32midway2m 21s ago
=[SR]= War Server217.61.5.231:145680/32el alamein3m 6s ago
=sBs=BattleGrounds Modded Maps68.232.178.146:145670/20battle of britain2m 0s ago
ATF's Hump'em & Dump'em68.232.162.220:145671/24operation forager1m 18s ago
Arkos's Dogfight Server62.75.175.238:145670/32el alamein3m 23s ago
BF 1918 fhsw-europ.ucoz.de176.9.19.239:145710/64ramskapelle1m 13s ago
BF Pirates fhsw-europ.ucoz.de176.9.19.239:145700/64lost and confused0m 14s ago
BF-GAME.COM62.141.75.122:145670/40berlin2m 25s ago
BF.MAXNET.UA | Desert Combat79.171.120.137:1456713/60dc al khafji docks0m 4s ago
BF1918 by |BWT| Badewiese of the giants3m 36s ago
BF1942 Fans | DC Final47.100.251.149:145690/32gazala7m 22s ago
BF1942 Fans | Modded Map47.100.251.149:145670/64wake0m 7s ago
BF1942 Fans | RtR+SW47.100.251.149:145680/32santo croce2m 2s ago
BF1942 Modded Midway37.187.19.136:145670/26midway2m 10s ago
BF1942 | COOP [CHN] alamein5m 20s ago
BF42.DE.TL (BF1918 v3.2) 53s ago
BFO Coral Sea Modded 24/737.187.19.136:145680/24coral sea4m 15s ago
BFSERVER95.68.201.205:145670/32berlin2m 34s ago
Badewiese [Public DC Server] basrahs edge4m 4s ago
Beastrabban's173.48.113.125:145670/64wake2m 52s ago
Chips SilentHeroes byen0m 40s ago
DESKTOP-NGCJ37S46.119.8.169:145671/4Battle of Britain3m 38s ago
Desert Combat AU - Backtran51.154.37.24:145670/40dcx nw coast0m 7s ago
Donpachi Field DCF/Vanilla211.19.196.69:145670/40bocage day22m 55s ago to connect47.190.52.113:145670/48dc basrahs edge1m 4s ago
FHDFsaba!!!!! 52s ago
FHSW 0.61! FHSW-Europ.ucoz.de176.9.19.239:145676/64alpenfestung-19454m 51s ago
FlatEarth108.61.254.217:145670/10dc basrahs edge3m 46s ago
G3TSOME DC104.156.233.22:145670/20dc basrahs edge0m 23s ago
GW BF194279.172.217.107:145670/32omaha beach4m 11s ago
Garagekeepers BF1942 Server80.218.99.77:145670/32berlin3m 5s ago | OldSchool #42116.251.192.212:145670/32Battleaxe2m 26s ago | Oldshcool #42103.125.218.185:145672/32Wake0m 42s ago
Gunsmoke's BG4224.185.39.234:145670/403806-after the flood1m 2s ago
Gutens[Play blue][] alamein1m 58s ago
HELLZHAWTDOGZ CD AND ORIGIN68.110.171.172:145670/32el alamein4m 47s ago
HELLZHAWTDOGZ Custom Maps68.110.171.172:145680/10berlin4m 18s ago
HKHP DC CTF192.95.26.226:145670/30dc lostvillage3m 45s ago
HKHP 24/7 ElAlamein Modded198.27.66.173:145670/32el alamein1m 59s ago
HOST79.164.92.46:145670/32market garden3m 31s ago
Hosted by Ignitepros.com35.138.141.238:145670/40kbely airfield3m 25s ago
InVictus| War Server [GER] 38s ago
Kabu.server FHSW0.61163.43.113.199:145671/76Berlin-1945-Streets2m 29s ago
MoonGamers 1942 (CD/Origin) 14s ago
Oz Wake [CD 1.61/Origin 1.612] 37s ago
Pilsbrueder Helo Fight83.142.82.194:145670/24el alamein day33m 54s ago
Pilsbrueder Helo Fight DC783.142.82.195:145670/32guadalcanal4m 26s ago FH/RANKED85.214.226.169:145672/128falaise pocket-19443m 17s ago
PlayRooms>24 Battlefield 194288.200.223.242:145671/24Battle of Britain4m 54s ago
Tanks'nPlanes Unlimited CO-OP184.71.170.154:145670/32wake0m 31s ago
The Apostles of Midway62.67.42.174:145671/32midway3m 29s ago
TheGreatEscape-BF1942-USA168.235.94.165:1456710/52kharkov1m 28s ago
YOU ARE ON NEW MASTER94.23.196.155:1457050/64iwo jima1m 33s ago
[ F.F.A ] 59s ago
[CBS] Red Light District [GER] 25s ago
[JPN] Tokai Server27.83.51.140:145670/90omaha beach0m 23s ago
bOOtinG-Server 1.6.1279.210.85.42:145670/64Bocage Day20m 48s ago Public [GER] sea3m 21s ago SoH [GER] 56s ago flight map4m 41s ago
is82.com208.167.233.54:145670/16race of doom1m 4s ago all mods server84.104.207.185:145671/64gazala4m 25s ago
{CC} Desert Combat Final62.210.136.147:145670/48dc desertshield1m 47s ago
{FG} Aberdeen only - ranked193.25.115.47:345670/64aberdeen2m 59s ago
{FG} War Server [GER] 13s ago
{OTB} BF1942/DC/DCX/DCFX paintball2m 38s ago
{OTB} BF1942/SW/HELL mod75.133.65.182:145680/48stalingrad3m 16s ago

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