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##-Free For All-## 51s ago
) BmC ( War Server [GER] 59s ago
--=[ aX ]=-- (CD and Origin) 39s ago
--=[ aX ]=-- (NO KEY) 25s ago
--=[ aX ]=-- (v1.6) 25s ago
-=TL=- War Server [FRA] 29s ago NY01 EoD 2.51192.241.144.68:145670/32guadalcanal1m 7s ago
1942mods.com158.69.59.75:145680/64stalingrad4m 0s ago BFP, GC149.56.97.238:145670/64bfp tides of blood0m 28s ago
=SUPER=SHA JI SERVER101.200.166.4:145673/64midway2m 5s ago
ATF's Battlegroup 42158.69.59.75:145690/32omaha beach2m 25s ago
ATF's Hump'em & Dump'em CD&Orgi173.199.102.219:145674/24wake1m 34s ago
AU server114.198.127.92:145671/48el alamein day24m 0s ago
BF 1942 SERVER BRASIL200.98.171.230:145670/64kharkov1m 34s ago
BF-Game | COOP+ 9s ago
BF-Game | NEW server DC Final178.150.170.61:145690/64dc bridge3m 30s ago
BF1918 by |BWT| Badewiese 38s ago
BFO Coral Sea Pilot Mod37.187.19.136:145680/16coral sea0m 55s ago
Bf1942 - Argentina181.47.146.64:145670/14guadalcanal0m 9s ago
BfServer68.189.73.134:145670/64berlin7m 48s ago
BiHnet BF1942 - X Pack 1 and 2195.222.33.242:145670/64hellendoorn0m 11s ago
BiHnet BF1942 - modded maps195.222.33.244:145670/64omaha beach2m 28s ago
CHN BF1942 fans60.18.162.17:145670/64kursk2m 34s ago
CW-s | BF-Game178.150.170.61:145890/32berlin0m 14s ago
ChicagoGamers DCF73.45.64.73:145670/32berlin3m 36s ago
Chicagos-C}{G- alamein2m 0s ago
Chips SilentHeroes 14s ago
Desert Combat AU - Backtran217.162.203.6:145670/32guadalcanal2m 23s ago
Die Geisterjaeger No CD Key134.255.218.243:145670/32stalingrad3m 27s ago
EA 117 - DC Fan Favorites8.12.64.130:1456716/48dc al nas1m 51s ago
EL AL 24/7 NO RULES173.199.86.97:145670/10el alamein4m 55s ago
Eckhart battlegroup42 1.784.25.48.206:145670/28liberation of caen3m 25s ago 42s ago
FragThe.Net - Alpha 48s ago
FragThe.Net - Clanserver80.190.182.245:145690/32operation forager3m 2s ago
G3 DC FTW1.42.174.218:145670/32market garden1m 5s ago
GUN|Arena - Public Server [GER] 13s ago
GUN|Arena - War Server [GER] 57s ago
Garagekeepers BF1942 Server178.83.127.119:145670/32dc basrahs edge4m 26s ago
Gutens[Play blue][] alamein3m 14s ago
HELLZHAWTDOGZ CD and Origin68.110.171.172:145670/32gazala0m 54s ago
HELLZHAWTDOGZ Custom Maps68.110.171.172:145680/32wake1m 30s ago
HKHP 24/7 Wake (CD&ORIGIN) 45s ago
HKHP CTF BOB (CD&Origin) of britain0m 38s ago
HKHP CTF Guadal Canal CD&ORIGIN173.236.29.178:145670/50guadalcanal0m 19s ago
HKHP El Alamein (CD&ORIGIN) alamein4m 36s ago
HKHP Everything Server173.236.29.181:145670/50dc al khafji docks3m 12s ago
HOKKAIDOJPN #1 Schindler'sList36.2.153.27:145710/64kursk4m 45s ago
HOKKAIDOJPN # alamein2m 0s ago
Hitler plays battlefield37.187.19.136:145670/16coral sea0m 46s ago
Hosted by Ignitepros.com73.27.254.28:145670/64wake1m 54s ago
InVictus| War Server [GER] 16s ago
JawBreaker & Hillbillyninja208.167.243.105:145670/64coral sea0m 31s ago
MoonGamers 1942 (CD/Origin) of caen0m 3s ago
MoonGamers 1942 (CD/Origin) 27s ago
NETORN | BF1942 (CD+ORIGIN) 36s ago
Netorn | BF1941 0.2 (CD+Origin) of the philippines46123m 26s ago
Netorn | Clan War tank arena3m 3s ago
Netorn | FHR 0.16 (CD+Origin) forest0m 56s ago
Netorn | Infantry (CD+Origin) ihantala2m 30s ago
Netorn | RtR+SW (CD+Origin) 42s ago
Netorn | TOMGAME DC Final89.222.192.182:147770/64dc twin rivers4m 21s ago
Netorn | Tanks (CD+Origin) 28s ago
Oz Wake [CD 1.61/Origin 1.612] 47s ago
PLANET FUN 12s ago
Philofield 1942176.9.79.228:145670/32kharkov0m 7s ago FH/RANKED85.214.226.169:145670/128tarawa-19430m 56s ago FH/RANKED85.214.226.169:145670/128seelow-heights-19451m 15s ago FH/RANKED85.214.226.169:145670/128battle of valirisk-19433m 0s ago FH/RANKED85.214.226.169:145670/128omaha charlie-sector-19444m 54s ago FH/RANKED85.214.226.169:145670/128guadalcanal3m 36s ago FH/RANKED85.214.226.169:145670/128el alamein1m 38s ago FH/RANKED85.214.226.169:145670/128counterattack-19404m 48s ago FH/RANKED85.214.226.169:145670/128eastern blitz-19394m 43s ago FH/RANKED85.214.226.169:145670/128battle isle-19440m 10s ago FH/RANKED85.214.226.169:145670/128kasserine pass-19433m 31s ago
Rakija connecting people108.61.254.247:145670/10market garden4m 47s ago
Retroverse (Melb AU) garden4m 47s ago
SiMPLE | BF1942 [FRA] 58s ago
SiMPLE | BF1942 [USA] garden0m 46s ago
SiMPLE | New Maps [FRA] pass4m 28s ago
SiMPLE | RtR+SW [FRA] line3m 54s ago
SiMPLE | Tanks a lot! 9s ago
Sitzkrieg FH .7216.244.80.106:145670/64crete-19412m 27s ago
Squirrel Kings BF 191878.156.122.60:145670/32midway3m 59s ago
THE DRUNKEN MUG93.157.1.210:145670/48liberation of caen0m 23s ago
Tanks'nPlanes Unlimited CO-OP96.49.178.198:145670/32midway2m 51s ago
The Apostles of Midway62.67.42.174:145670/32midway3m 42s ago
TigerTeam52.91.172.167:145670/32Midway3m 30s ago
TnS War Server [GER] alamein3m 48s ago
YOU ARE ON NEW MASTER94.23.196.155:1457031/64berlin4m 25s ago
[ F.F.A ] 50s ago
[CBS] Red Light District193.25.115.47:145690/32stalingrad2m 47s ago
[DAT]#01 DAT-airport 1.43113.144.133.103:145670/16dat airport2m 49s ago
[DAT]#02 inusaba 1.90113.144.133.103:145680/32inusaba gazala0m 18s ago
[DAT]#03 InterState1982 1.81113.144.133.103:145690/64tsunami2m 34s ago
[DE] <--{W@ffenschmiede}--> sea3m 8s ago
[MOB] Server BG42 FRC381.169.239.208:145670/644407-battle of ihantala0m 40s ago
[] #01113.144.133.103:145700/64berlin3m 31s ago
[] EoD Classic 2.5187.230.95.224:145670/40truong son chasm4m 2s ago
[tamplier] War Server [LIT] 35s ago Public78.47.130.170:145670/64tobruk3m 13s ago Stalin78.47.130.170:145680/32stalingrad2m 10s ago
is82.com158.69.59.75:145670/32battle park0m 2s ago
lop| War Server [NL] alamein3m 34s ago
many vehicles coop join blue211.19.196.69:145676/128Battleaxe3m 17s ago
{FG} War Server [GER] 7s ago
{SoH} War Server [FRA] 26s ago
|BWT| Badewiese alamein2m 15s ago

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